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Karachi Nimco

Karachi Nimko, a delightful Pakistani snacks:The most popular snacks of Karachi keep a historical importance and are date back to 1950. It was first manufactured by Hajji Muhammad Jan. Karachi Nimko is famous and liked by the people of Pakistan living in any corner of the country plus people gift it..


Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi

Haleem or Daleem is a famous food in many parts of the world like the Middle East, Central Asia & the subcontinent. It is prepared by wheat or barley, meat, spices, ghee or oil, & vegetables.Mazaidar Haleem, Karachi is one of the most popular brand names in Pakistan. Eating Mazaidar Hal..


Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar

Sikandar’s Shikarpuri Pickles (Shikarpuri Achaar)Shikarpuri Pickles are famous around the world due the tastes, spices, varieties and qualities. Sikandar Shikarpuri Pickles or Achaar are popular in the world, a lot of pickle varieties are available in catalog, select and order for enjoying this tast..


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